Monday, March 12, 2012

Top Ten Fairytale Retellings


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This week’s topic is:

Top Ten (choose your own genre) Books

In my case, I’m going with fairytale retellings since that was one genre I knew I’d read more than ten books in that I could recommend!


10. Entwined by Heather Dixon-Retelling of the Twelve Dancing Princesses. I’m always glad when there are so many princesses and the author alphabetizes their names so I can tell who the oldest is :)


9. Cinder by Marissa Meyer-Retelling of Cinderella. I was thrown off at first by the cyborg element, but even for those, like me, who aren’t sure if they’ll like the science fiction bit of it, it was well worth it :)


8. Beauty by Robin McKinley-Retelling of Beauty and the Beast (middle grade fiction).

Ella Enchanted

7. Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine-Retelling of Cinderella (middle grade).

Violet Eyes

6. Violet Eyes by Debbie Vigue-Retelling of the Princess and the Pea. Anyone else always wondered why a pea proves that you’re a princess, and who would want the queen for a mother-in-law after that treatment? This story finally gives a good background.

Wide Awake Princess

5. The Wide-Awake Princess by E.D. Baker-Retelling of Sleeping Beauty. Middle grade fiction. Sleeping Beauty’s parents don’t trust fairies at christenings anymore, when their second daughter is born, they ask for no magical pronouncements or gifts. The result is that their second daughter is immune to magic, and therefore able to help break her sister’s spell. A fun adventure, and a bit of romance.

Sun and Moon

Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow-Retelling of East of the Moon and West of the Sun (or something like that). It’s the polar bear king story. Anyway, not told often, but a gem among fairytales.

Goose Girl 3. The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale-A retelling of, you guessed it, the Goose Girl. There’s a whole series and world built off of this story, but the first book here is by far the best.

Wildwood Dancing

2. Wildwood Dancing by Juliet Marillier-Retelling of the Twelve Dancing Princesses and the Frog Prince.

My Unfair Godmother1. My Unfair Godmother by Janette Rallison-Retelling of Robin Hood and Rumplestiltskin. Unbelievably funny and sweet.

Anything you’re dying to add to my list?


  1. There's also Ash by Malinda Lo. It's a retelling of Cinderella you might like!

  2. I love fairytale retellings but I have never heard of Violet Eyes, I'll have to look that up. Thanks for the suggestion.
    Want to check out my list?

  3. I loved Cinder and Ella Enchanted - Ella was one of my favourites growing up! Great list!

    Tara @ Hey, Tara

  4. Hi there :) just popping in...

    I just finished Cinder and also thought it was a great book.

    I'm also your newest follower :) Here is my choice...

    Top Ten Tuesday

  5. Ella Enchanted & The Goose Girl!! YAY!!! I was hoping you'd include them in your list. How could you not?! Super great books by top notch authors who write THE BEST fairytale re-tellings. Nobody does it better!

  6. I like your choice of genre! I just finished Cinder recently. I've heard some good things about Janette Rallison, so I may well check her out!

  7. This is an excellent list! Who knew there were so many modern retellings of old fairy tales?!

    Thank you for your list!

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    Top Ten Books That Take Place in Paris.
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  8. I love fairytale retellings! I have Entwined but haven't read it yet. I LOVED Cinder. Great list!

    My Top Ten Tuesday

  9. I did Fairytale Retellings too, and we share a few selections. I have to say that I absolutely HATED Entwined though. It was sooooo slow for me. I'm really happy to see The Wide-Awake Princess there though! I loved that book!

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  10. I love Fairytale Retellings too! Ella Enchanted is one of my favorites. I really enjoyed The Wide Awake Princess. I will check out some of your other suggestions. Thanks.

  11. I love Fairytale Retellings! :) Have you read Alex Flinn's books?
    Here's my list;